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An ingredient receives non adjusted natural resources and always ships the stable material.

Our experience, science and technology are being supported by fusing and everybody’s fun meal is being supported at the bottom in the natural resources the earth produces. Today will be also that our material is useful for the shadow of the smiling face and the conversation.

A domestic and abroad raw material is selected carefully and it’s being used.
A mine is visited, the mining situation, the geological feature, the mining amount and the management conditions, etc. are confirmed, it’s accepted, the previous check is performed and a raw material within the contract standard is bought periodically. When it’s necessary, it’s also bought from a check to check it at the site. The standard and the check item are set up every process and an article of good quality is handed to the next process.

Process improvement, investment in plant and equipment, grope of a new raw material and logistics are being improved in order to respond to the expectation by the quality and a cost side. How does a customer use it? How does the material react? I’m groping after the quality while taking notice of safety of the person who participates.

It’s necessary to pile a standard test (table test) and narrow preparation condition down to get dry powder of the purpose, the considerable manpower is needed, when the condition isn’t decided from the small-scale experimental production stage when preparation condition is decided, a customer will help you from every stage from a raw material test to a mass production experimental production according to the progress of a development project from a laboratory test and standard test phase already. Maintenance introduces laser analyze grain-size analysis equipment, Brookfield viscometer, PH ​meter and X-ray fluorescence analysis equipment, etc. as a measuring instrument necessary to a test and a check, and manages these as well as I’m also planning for an ability rise of an analysis and measurement per

When being insufficient by our possession equipment, I’ll rely on a cooperation analysis engine (publicly, people) and respond to customer needs. This system, in traditional ceramics, like. Chinaware kaolin and glaze used know-how of the raw material evaluation, the design and the product evaluation grown since foundation and achieved compression of time until the commercialization and the cost. A natural raw material is used by traditional ceramics, former days are a clay matter raw material, plastic, practical method for measurement depended on a sense of the test one who cries, but improvement of method for measurement is piled up by present and process reduction is achieved.

I’ll also respond to an analysis of a raw material and a product and needs only of an evaluation test apart from a development item.
To plan for stability of the quality and supply and achieve the traditional material you can use surely, a raw material in all part of foreign countries is selected carefully and it’s adopted including the country. More than 10 kinds of glaze to adjust these raw materials according to the destination and draw out the performance of more than 20 kinds of kaolin and the kaolin to the pottery, the ordinary china, the white porcelain container, the reinforcement china and the recycling china maximally, is lined up.

Rubber Glove Process

rubber glove process